There's never a dull moment here at CCS.

Whether you are winning that blue ribbon, providing medical care, or doing a critter makeover, we're here to help.

Not only will your blades take your breath away, they'll also make the cut!! Around here, a penny shaved is a penny earned! And if they're not sharp, then there is no point....

Our technical support is cutting edge!

Service & Repair

We service and / or repair most clippers, big and small as well as scissors and shears. Some scissors are too damaged to repair despite the optimism of the owner. We have seen many brands / models over the years.

Send it in. We can fix em' up!


This is our bread and butter.
We sharpen:
ALL A5 clipper blades,
All large animal blades,
Most but not all shears,thinners, texturizers, surgical scissors, scalpels and most knives.
And lastly, veterinarian dental tools

Dryers, Vaccuums, Etc.

In the context of appliances, we can surely troubleshoot, repair, and refresh. At times, though, the combination of the model, its parts, shipping and labor can make things quite complicated for our business and yours. In other words, its not always worth it. If you have any questions, please ask!


  • We guarantee satisfaction or your money back!
  • We strive for a 3 business day turn around after receiving the shipment of all blades, scissors, shears and etc.
  • All our orders are machine or hand sharpened, hand washed, oiled, tested and fully rejuvenated.
  • We focus our efforts in supporting veterinarian clinics, groomers and a wide range of people showing, farming or caring for animals.
  • The majority of our business is mail in from all various parts of the country. We ship and prefer USPS yet we’re always willing to make special arrangements for deadlines or certain plans.

( 5811 Madison 3175, Witter, Arkansas – 72776 )

  • If you’re local, I am glad to work out a pickup / drop-off situation here at the shop or there at your business! This isn’t possible every time or perhaps schedules can cause delays. However, its always nice to meet up in person.
  • Payments are traditionally collected after the work has been performed and repacked but before the shipment is sent off.  We will call the intended day of shipment and collect payment info and process it remotely.
  • There is also an option to pay via emailed invoice. If you prefer an emailed invoice, just let us know.
  • We also do 30-day accounts for those who need more regular service.
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